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Postnatal Depletion: Holistic Birth Recovery with Herbs & Nutrition


While bringing new life into the world is beautiful, it can also be challenging for a mother's body and mind. Many women face postnatal depletion, a state of physical and emotional exhaustion following birth, making self-care and baby care challenging. In this course, dive into the science of postnatal depletion and its impact on maternal health. Explore strategies to replenish your body and mind, including nutrition, movement, and self-care. Topics covered include mineral and macronutrient deficiencies, micronutrients, differentiating between postpartum depletion and depression, functional lab work insights, nourishing and adaptogenic herbs, a postpartum protocol, and recommended supplements and products. Designed for mothers of all ages and stages, this course offers tools and resources to prioritize your health and well-being post-birth. Whether you're a new mother or further along in your journey, reclaim your vitality and thrive in motherhood with our comprehensive course.

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