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Seasonal Wellness Boxes

Community Supported Herbalism
“for every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant in which is the cure. I believe that there is healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap this wonderful gift of Nature.”
― Rudolf Steiner



Do you long for connection with the plant world?

Do you want to instill a sense of balance as you travel through the wheel of the year?



Inspired by the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), these Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) boxes are pre-order herbal medicine share boxes. Each quarterly box focuses on the energetics of the season and a handful of plant allies, so you can focus on working with these plants in a deeper way. Each box comes with a booklet that will give you more information on each plant, the seasonal energetics, how to properly use the remedies provided, recipes, plant inspiration, lore, and other medicinal uses.


Purchasing these boxes is a great way to build up your home apothecary for a lesser cost, embody wellness, become more familiar with the healing power of herbs, to work with plants throughout the seasons they grow in, and to become more confident in your ability to use herbs to heal yourself and your loved ones. When you purchase these boxes you not only support my work and passion for seasonal practices but also the hard work of small organic and regenerative farmers, as together our work provides the necessary ingredients for each box.

Below is the seasonal offerings- please note that because all herbs and ingredients are homegrown and sourced locally changes may occur.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Spring | Purification


lymph love tincture blend

red clover blossoms, calendula, cleavers, echinacea root

lymphatic detox tisane

red clover blossom, calendula, marshmallow root, hibiscus, stinging nettle, dandelion leaf, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemongrass, orange peel

digestive bitters

burdock root, dandelion root, hibiscus, lemon balm, lemon verbena, grapefruit peel

black drawing salve

plantain, calendula, yarrow, pine resins, bentonite clay, coconut charcoal

lemon balm tincture

vernal vinegar

red clover, cleavers, chickweed, lemon balm, stinging nettle, dandelion leaf, borage, calendula

lymphatic massage oil

red clover blossoms, calendula, rose petals, violet leaf, castor oil 




Summer | Resilience  


sol flower tisane

calendula, lemon balm, peach leaf, rose petals, hibiscus, citrus peel, stinging nettle
cool + calm oxymel

rose petals, peach, lemon balm, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lover's lane honey, homemade raw apple cider vinegar
herbal bug + tick repellent spray

pennyroyal, yarrow, citronella, rose geranium, cedar, rosemary
serenity elixir

borage flower, chamomile, lavender, rose, milky oat tops

tulsi tincture

flower magic salve

calendula, yarrow, tulsi, chamomile, lavender, white sage




Fall | Protection


st. john's wort body oil

wild-crafted flowers solar infused in sunflower seed oil

breath deep chest rub

pennyroyal, bay leaf, eucalyptus, evergreen resin, mints

infused honey

bee balm + sage

cold care tisane

bee balm, yarrow, echinacea flower + leaf, mullein leaf, calendula, yerba santa

yerba santa tincture

flower power elixir

yarrow, sage, bee balm, calendula, tulsi





Individual seasonal boxes can be pre-ordered by certain dates for their later release...


small- $75

large- $135


Preorder Dates-

Summer- May 30th ( July 1st release)

Fall- August 5th (September 20 release)



*Price does include local pick-up (Ukiah, CA), but not shipping fees. Shipping is $15 per box- which is the cost of a medium flat rate. Orders will ship through the USPS with tracking.


*All packaging and packing materials are reusable or biodegradable


*Payment plans are available to those in need- inquire within



Orders can be placed at! An invoice will be sent promptly after which you can pay online with a credit card. Other payment methods include Venmo, PayPal, and check.




Contributing Farmers + suppliers

Buttercup Compost Lab

Anarchy Herbals

Covelo Jade Compost Co.

Trillium Herb Co.

Lover's Lane Farm

Sun Roots Farm

Mendo Lake Food Hub

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