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Ancient Rituals and Natural Skin Care

Updated: May 28, 2023

The practice of body oiling tends to the nervous, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and immune systems as the medicinal offerings of the plants are directly transferred through your skin—a simple and profound way to nourish the body into a state of calm relaxation and vitality.

Keeping the lymphatic river flowing is the best option for balancing immune function" - Deanna Batdorff.

The Lymphatic system (also referred to as the “river of life”) is the only system in our body that needs touch to function and flow properly. When active and healthy, the Lymph keeps our immune system working to fight off harmful pathogens, bacteria, infections, and disease. Therefore, we must encourage proper circulation and drainage in our bodies to achieve optimal function and prevent stagnation.

Herbal oils deeply hydrate the skin with fat, allowing us to keep these systems nourished, healthy, and running smoothly. In addition, the self-massage ritual gets our lymph flowing, relieves congestion in the body, releases toxins, strengthens the immune system, and relieves inflammation. You can also research different lymphatic drainage massage techniques and familiarize yourself with the body's lymph nodes. I also believe the simple act of pressured touch while applying herbal oils allows your body to activate and flow. Still, if you feel you need lymphatic drainage, there are some specific techniques- including using a wooden gua sha/scraping tool in which you can use. In contrast, you oil your body to help physically move your lymph, increase circulation, and boost immunity.

Emotionally and energetically, infused oils have a grounding and renewing force. They have a powerful ability to help to bring clarity, calm the mind, and lift spirits. Herbs co-create a lovely ceremony to commune and heal with them.

Slowing down positively benefits and resetting in these crazy times has become necessary in many people’s lives. Herbal body oiling is a beautiful and sacred way to honor your body and mind, solo or with a partner. Herbal oils are a form of Ancient Rituals and Natural Skin Care and hold strong medicinal properties that absorb into the skin quickly and efficiently. Integrating plant medicine into your daily life can be calming for the mind and soul and has significant positive benefits to the physical body. Herbal body oiling hydrates the skin, which improves the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune response and our body’s ability to fight infections and pathogens. Massage moves lymphatic fluid throughout the body, improving circulation and relaxing muscles and joint stiffness. Herbal body oiling can also profoundly relax the nervous system through touch, self-massage, and mindful breathing. Other benefits include enhanced immunity, increased deep sleep, lessened anxiety, and increased energy.

Herbal Oil Inspiration

  • St. John’s Wort + Yerba Santa

  • Mugwort + Yarrow

  • Calendula Blossom

  • Tulsi and Rose Petal

  • Chamomile + Rose

  • Evergreen Resin

  • Lavender + Tulsi

  • Ginger + Evergreen

There are many techniques and nuances used to make herbal oils. I won't go into them here because I use different methods based on the herb(s) I am using. If you are a beginner, I suggest using dried herbs in a folk method. Herbalist Kami McBride offers an excellent in-depth oil-making workshop for those who wish to dive further into this! I also provide mentorship on, where you can ask questions about ancient rituals, natural skincare, and all things herbal-related!

How To Body Oil

● Set up your space: Set out a towel (to avoid an oily mess) and your herb-infused oil in a place where you are comfortable.

● Start with a nickel-sized amount and rub with your hands to warm the oil evenly before applying it to the skin and massaging in a circular motion. Add more oil as needed for a relaxing massage. A little bit can go a long way. For additional lymphatic support, try using a gua sha or wooden paddle to move lymph and aid in detoxification.

● It can also be added to a warm bath or as a body oil after bathing. Allow the oil to absorb before putting on clothes.

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