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Botanical Anthology

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The Botanical Anthology is a plant-centered publication filled to the brim with herbalism-inspired recipes, crafts, folklore, remedies, and much more from over 30 plant-loving contributors with various areas of expertise. It is a treasure trove of 150+ pages of information for those well-versed in plants or new to walking a plant path alike. Harmonie O'Loughlin of Flora's Feast is the amazing creator behind The Botanical Anthology.

tap into the natural rhythms of the season

Living seasonally in herbalism is a way of incorporating the natural rhythms of the seasons into your use of medicinal herbs. It's the idea of using herbs that are in season and in harmony with the energy of the time of year to promote optimal health and well-being.

In the spring we can focus on energizing and detoxifying herbs, such as dandelion, nettle, and cleavers. These herbs can help support the liver and lymphatic system, which can become sluggish after the winter months.

By living seasonally in herbalism, you can tap into the natural rhythms of the Earth and use medicinal herbs and herbal remedies in a way that supports optimal health and wellbeing.


I am honored to be a contributor to the Botanical Anthology this season!

Writing and creating for Botanical Anthology has been one of my favorite projects this year. May you find gentle guidance and inspiration for the season ahead within the pages!

My contributions include:
  • All About Bitters

  • Hibiscus & Grapefruit Digestive Bitters Recipe

  • Spring Weeds & Pesto Recipe!

In the spring edition of the Botanical Anthology you'll find some great tips and tricks for incorporating herbs into your daily routine. From simple teas and tinctures to delicious recipes and DIY beauty products, there are so many ways to enjoy the healing power of plants. You'll find articles and recipes on gentle spring detox, foraging wild herbs, using herbs for digestive health, spring rituals, herbal folklore, cooking with herbs, self care rituals, nature crafting, and more!

So whether you're an experienced herbalist or just starting to explore the world of natural health and wellness, we hope this edition of the Botanical Anthology will inspire you to embrace the power of plants and unlock the amazing benefits they have to offer. Happy spring!

GET YOUR COPy of Botanical Anthology Spring 2023:

Get your copy of the Spring 2023 edition for $20 until March 29th. You will also receive the bonus Nettle Booklet with your purchase during this period. Come the 30th, the price will increase to $25, and the Nettle Booklet will retire.

Have I piqued your interest? Look inside the nettle booklet for some amazing content.

  • Nettle Mini Monograph

  • Nettle Folklore + Fables

  • Nettle Tarot

  • Nettle Astro Herbalism

  • Foraging Nettle

  • Nettle Infusion

  • Nettle + Mushroom Nutritive Salt

  • Nettle ‘Kraut

  • Nettle Porridge

  • Nettle Soup

  • Nettle Gnocchi

  • Nettle Cupcakes

  • Nettle Frosting

  • Nettle Hair Rinse

  • Nettle Foot Soak

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