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Hi, I'm Caitlin Wolf, the heart and soul behind Rise Rooted Wellness. My journey into herbalism and holistic healing began in my teenage years when I was diagnosed with psoriasis. The seemingly untreatable autoimmune issues left me feeling sick, depleted, depressed, inflamed, and fatigued. Traditional treatments offered no relief, and I was left without conventional treatment options. I knew I had to find another way—I couldn't accept the fate of living with my symptoms and discomfort.

Determined to reclaim my health and life, I embarked on a deeply personal quest for self-healing. I delved into holistic health, herbalism, and functional nutrition, dedicating years to self-study and applying this knowledge to my healing journey. In 2012, fueled by my transformative experiences, I formalized my education through an in-person herbal apprenticeship program. My goal was clear: to heal myself fully and to empower others facing similar challenges.


Now, with over a decade of experience as a clinical herbalist, board-certified health coach, holistic nutritionist, and mindfulness facilitator, I am passionate about sharing my journey and guiding others toward vibrant health. I provide personalized herbal consultations, natural health guidance, transformative coaching sessions, and empowering workshops.

At Rise Rooted Wellness, I understand your struggles because I've been there too. My mission is to help you reclaim your well-being naturally, offering you the knowledge and tools you need to thrive. Let's walk this path together toward a healthier, more balanced life.

Credentials and Qualifications

Clinical Herbalist: With extensive training and over ten years of practice, I provide personalized herbal consultations tailored to your unique needs.


NBHWC Health Coach: As a trained and certified professional, I offer coaching sessions to support your personal growth and make your wellness goals a reality.


Holistic Nutritionist: Certified in holistic nutrition, I help you make informed dietary choices that work for you.


Mindfulness Facilitator: Trained in mindfulness techniques, I guide you in practices that enhance mental clarity and reduce stress.


Allied Health Degree: My academic background in allied health provides a strong foundation for my holistic approach.

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