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reclaim your health

Are you ready to get to the root of your health concerns? I offer personalized holistic health consultations to help you embrace a vibrant, healthy life. My approach combines the wisdom of herbalism with a comprehensive perspective on well-being, using the power of herbs and holistic modalities to support and restore balance to your body.

Holistic health is about more than just addressing symptoms; it's about uncovering the root causes of your health challenges. Whether you're dealing with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, stress, fatigue, or other concerns, I provide the guidance and support you need to achieve lasting wellness.

my services

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Personalized Herbal Wellness Consultations

Your first appointment will last about 90 minutes, during which we will explore your full health history, current health concerns, and lifestyle practices. We will set meaningful wellness goals and develop a personalized protocol, including herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments to support your journey to health. This service is perfect for those looking for a customized care plan tailored to their unique needs.

Holistic Health
Coaching Sessions

As a NBHWC-certified holistic health coach, I also offer health coaching sessions where we work together to build your wellness strategies. In these sessions, I do not provide customized care plans but rather empower you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your health. These sessions are ideal for clients who prefer a collaborative approach to developing their wellness routines.

Ongoing Support

At Rise Rooted Wellness, ongoing support is the cornerstone of our approach. We provide hands-on, empowering guidance to help you make lasting changes. Our weekly or biweekly coaching sessions are designed to be supportive and proactive, ensuring you stay motivated and on track. Follow-up herbal consults, scheduled 2-4 weeks after your initial session, allow us to fine-tune your protocol and address any new concerns. With our personalized approach and regular check-ins, we are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

"Caitlin's personalized herbal wellness consult was a game-changer for me. Her holistic approach and customized care plan have helped me embrace a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her services!"


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